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Anyone can learn to play the violin!

Violin lessons, 101: common questions and my answers.



Q) I'm tone deaf, I think my child might be too.  Can they still learn violin?


A) I firmly believe that everyone can learn the violin. With patience, hard work, family support, and a well-trained violin teacher, progress is guaranteed. While each student will progress at a different speed, I have never met a single personwho was unable to play the violin. Everyone can hear the difference between sounds, we just have to be able to refine that skill to a higher level. As your child progresses, you will notice that ears will improve along with them.

Q) May I watch the lesson?

A)  You must. We only have lessons one day per week, but practice on all of the other days. Parents are my assistant teachers.When they attend the lessons, they are more able to help their child practice most efficiently. I have an open door policy. You are even welcome to watch any other lesson I may be teaching. If you and your child want to watch the lesson before or after yours, I encourage you to do so.



Q) How old should my child be before we start violin lessons?
A) My students must be five years old at the time of their first lesson. Although I have started some students younger than this, I find that around that age is when most have matured enough to make our lessons worthwhile.

Q) How much do you charge?
A) My rates for private lessons are competitive, and discounts are available. Please contact me for specifics.

Q) How often do we have lessons?
​A) Every week. It's important that your child gets in the routine of practicing their violin every day, and coming to their lesson every week. If you have to be absent occasionally, I can be flexible about scheduling time for a makeup, but consistency is a very important part of progress.

Q) Do you have references?

A) I would be happy to provide you with references, just shoot me an email.

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